Autodesk™ Suite Monitoring

Architecture, Engineering and Construction organizations using Autodesk applications need a single, easy to use and comprehensive reporting solution to provide visibility into license use.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce license spend
  • Match license levels to actual needs
  • Analyze utilization by license, Suite and application type
  • Compare group and individual application and license use
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Real-Time Use Monitoring

Process Meter is the only platform that monitors and reports in real-time standalone, license-server, and cloud-licensed application use.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce license spend
  • Gain visibility into all application use on desktop/laptops/shared workstations
  • Identify license Active, Inactive/Idle, and Timed Out status
  • Visualize peak concurrent and trending license and application use
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Project-based design/engineering organizations need to monitor and associate application use for reimbursement, or time-tracking.

Benefits include:

  • Detail and summary information by user, application, project
  • Real-time application use and project association
  • Configurable fields for attribute reporting
  • Offline use monitoring and association
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  • “Many of our customers are requesting assistance with license optimization planning for Autodesk and other applications. Our ability to access detailed use information will let us cost-effectively offer these services to those customers that don’t have the skills or resources for in-house analysis.”

  • “Process Meter’s license use and trending information is a game changer in providing improved Software Asset Management to our customers. Process Meter provides an unprecedented and detailed view into Autodesk licensing and usage that we’ve never been able to get before.”

  • “We needed to compare use of two comparable applications, one was license server metered and the other was standalone. No other reporting solution could provide the peak use and use frequency vs. total active use of both applications that we needed for our decision-making.”

  • “Cetrus has taken our software business to an entirely new level. It has greatly augmented sales, increased our install bases and taken a great deal of market share away from our competitors.”