What We Do

Cetrus offers Process Meter (PM), a real-time, desktop application monitoring platform.

Process Meter (PM) tracks applications, giving you the best, most accurate, application use visualization.

How We Can Help You

Reduce Costs: PM helps you to identify where you are over and under licensed, so you can minimize costs.

Detailed Data: Precise and detailed data provides complete visibility into your licensing and application use.

Application Use Insight: With PM you will see peak number of licenses, trending use, application state, inventory, user rankings, and more.

Autodesk™ Monitoring

Simple, easy to use reporting solution to understand Autodesk™ license use


  • Reduce license spending
  • See use changes over time
  • See live peak and trending use
  • Compare individual and group use
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Real-Time Monitoring

The only file-level monitoring tool, providing real-time data for any application


  • Real-time data
  • Reduce license spending
  • Identify licensing needs
  • Compare application use and users
  • See peak and trending use
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Bill any application use to specific projects


  • Increase project revenue
  • File-level association
  • Accurate time and cost reporting
  • No user productivity impact
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  • “Many of our customers are requesting assistance with license optimization planning for Autodesk and other applications. Our ability to access detailed use information will let us cost-effectively offer these services to those customers that don’t have the skills or resources for in-house analysis.”

  • “Process Meter’s license use and trending information is a game changer in providing improved Software Asset Management to our customers. Process Meter provides an unprecedented and detailed view into Autodesk licensing and usage that we’ve never been able to get before.”

  • “We needed to compare use of two comparable applications, one was license server metered and the other was standalone. No other reporting solution could provide the peak use and use frequency vs. total active use of both applications that we needed for our decision-making.”

  • “Cetrus has taken our software business to an entirely new level. It has greatly augmented sales, increased our install bases and taken a great deal of market share away from our competitors.”