Cetrus Expense-2-Project (E2P) associates per-window application use to projects for billing, time tracking or resource utilization.

Reimbursable application use time is defined as an open and active window. A configurable Inactive/Idle time buffer keeps billing for an open but temporarily inactive window. Users associate session activity to a project via pop-up screens at application/new window launch or close. The pop-up screens are pre-populated with most recently used project information for productivity and data entry accuracy. Most recently used project information is cached for productivity and data entry accuracy. Administrators can configure up to 8 fields for association attribute tracking and reporting, such as: project name, project number, notes, etc.

Administrators set a per-application hourly use rate. E2P associates application use on individual workstations, offline on laptops and expensive shared, single sign-in applications.

E2P requires minimal user involvement

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