Improve Your Bottom Line

The Expense-2-Project (E2P) Plug-in associates application use to a specific project for billing. This allows you to convert software overhead into revenue.

E2P helps you identify over/under utilized resources for informed project management. With E2P reports, Administrators have a complete, detailed view of hours, application use, and revenue information.

– Key Benefits –

Reduce project risks

Create revenue from application use

Improve project analysis

Increase net profit

Increase project management efficiency

Better insight into resource utilization

How E2P Works

E2P associates individual file use with projects. When a user opens a file, E2P pops up a window with recent project information. The user selects a project, and E2P will track use until the file is closed.

Billing only occurs when the user is using the application.

Check out this short animated video that explains E2P,
and what it can do for your company.