About Us

To paraphrase Marc Andreesen, software is eating the world. As software evolves from homegrown applications to the cloud and becomes more fundamental to organizational functioning, the ability of enterprises to understand and optimize their software investments becomes more difficult. Cetrus is committed to providing solutions to help organizations better monitor, monetize and manage their software assets.

Cetrus was founded on the idea that project-oriented engineering firms should be able to bill engineering software use as a reimbursable project cost rather than as project overhead. We’ve changed the technology as our approach to marketing our customer’s needs evolved.

Desktop engineering software developers worked with Cetrus to implement an embeddable solution enabling use to be associated to a project. This first implementation was expanded to let ISV’s offer a rental option via an integrated ecommerce site. The same use information then let software developers monitor trial download usage for propensity to buy. Working with software providers led to our creating the Software Rental Marketplace. We continue to work with and support a number of ISV’s using the solution to extend their licensing options around the world.

The second implementation was a non-invasive agent running in a virtualized Citrix environment. This approach let enterprises monitor virtually any application running on individual desktops and associate use to projects for reimbursement. In addition to providing reimbursement benefits, the desktop agent captured detailed use and attribute application information independent of where the license came from.

We rebuilt this desktop agent and announced it as Process Meter at Autodesk University in late 2015. We believe Process Meter is the only desktop application monitoring platform that will take real-time enterprise use reporting from standalone desktop, to license server metered, to cloud licensed to browser-delivered applications.

We look forward to working with you and helping your business become more profitable, productive and efficient.