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Our Story

In 2016 ENGEO, a very successful engineering firm, launched Cetrus to bring to market tools and processes they developed to solve their own AEC software use and licensing challenges.

The first component developed on the Cetrus Process Meter (CPM) platform was Activity Monitor, which uses our desktop Agent to monitor application use in real time, down to the second. Activity Monitor captures Activity States (Active, Inactive, and Timeout) so one can analyze how applications are utilized. This is crucial in determining needs and analyzing user behavior.

We realized that for a complete picture of application use, we needed to collect licensing information from the server(s). This is what our License Manager component, LMAP, does. LMAP provides firms a company-wide view of licensing use, allowing true optimization of licenses and maximum efficiency.

ENGEO also wanted to be able to treat software like an asset, billing clients for the use of expensive, specialty applications. To avoid over- or under-charging clients, they needed a way to measure exact time spent on an application. Thus, Expense-2-Project (E2P) was born. It works alongside Activity Monitor to associate precise application use to projects, down to the file level. With these data, firms can bill for application use, analyze application use per project, identify correlations, and improve cost accounting.

As we grew and spoke to customers, we realized that companies needed a way to ensure that expensive AE software applications, from vendors like Bentley, are controlled to prevent overage charges. Our newest product, Application REStrictor (ARES), restricts applications from launching if the current number of running applications exceeds the maximum number allowed. This process will restrict license use to the exact number purchased and avoid billing surprises.

Cetrus uses Tableau to display statistics and reports.

Cetrus is located in San Ramon, CA and Draper, Utah.

Coming Soon

Next to be released will be Waitlist. When an application is restricted through ARES, users will be able to join a waitlist and be notified when the application is available.

Following Waitlist’s release, on our development schedule is Cetrus Predicts. Cetrus Predicts is a machine-learning module using LMAP and our desktop Agent, in conjunction with your entire network’s software application use, to predict licensing and resource needs for your whole enterprise.

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