Take Control of Your Software

Application REStrictor (ARES) is a CPM Plug-in that allows you to contain your licensing costs.

When a user clicks on an application, ARES will restrict it from launching if the current number of running applications exceeds the maximum number of applications allowed. This will restrict license use to the exact number purchased, preventing additional charges for surpassing your maximum.

With CPM’s dynamic reports, you can see idle licenses and manually release them for others to use, giving you full control over your licenses.

ARES Cost Benefits

• Control your license use and save $$$

• Eliminate surprises on your bills

• Manually release idle licenses

• Improve planning and asset management

Coming Soon to ARES

Waitlist is an additional functionality feature that will be included in the next update of ARES. When an application is restricted through ARES, users can join a waitlist and be notified when the license is available for use.

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