Autodesk Suite Monitoring


Compare individual and group license use by applications within Suites


Understand who is using what application and which licenses are active, idle or timed out. Report software and hardware inventory for faster problem resolution


Identify actual peak and trending application use for license planning


Identify new, unused or removed licenses, with data to show if and when licenses were used

Engineering, CAD and Design Technology managers need accurate real-time monitoring and reporting to let them understand who is using what license and for how long. Off-line monitoring and shared workstation/application data collection ensures all use is captured for reporting.

Process Meter’s unique agent architecture monitors Autodesk applications independently of license type or location. PM V3.2 will combine desktop application use data with license server file information to provide an enterprise-wide view of license use. Simple implementation and background component updates keep support costs low.

Finance/Procurement professionals will appreciate how real-time monitoring and reporting allows visual representation of data such as use by license type or group. Identifying optimal licensing levels becomes simpler, and impact analysis of license use expansion vs. service level planning is enabled. Trending analysis is as simple as running a report.

Compliance professionals can enhance existing software asset management solutions by identifying new installations and reporting on use or no use of designated applications.

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Trending and Concurrent Usage

Concurrent use shows license Active, Inactive/Idle and Timed Out to reflect actual license use. Analyse total use by group, location, etc., to optimize license quantities and location.

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Autodesk Suites

  • Building Design
  • Factory Design
  • Product Design
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Plant Design
  • Entertainment Design
  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection
  • Product Design Collection
  • Media and Entertainment Collection

Individual Autodesk Applications

Monitor individual licensed Autodesk applications.

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