• Generate new revenue streams

• Recoup the cost of licenses by charging projects for software use

• Justify the purchase of new licenses

• Analyze how projects utilize software

• Optimize where your licenses are placed based on project use

E2P Cost Benefits

Expense-2-Project (E2P) is a Plug-in to the Cetrus Process Meter (CPM) platform which associates application use to projects at the file level, down to the second!

E2P allows you to bill for application use, converting your software from an overhead expense to a cash generating asset. You can also justify the cost of new licenses by showing management the need and profitability of each application.

How E2P Works

When a user opens a monitored application’s file, E2P pops up a window that allows the selecting or entering of a project number. The user selects a project, and the window is dismissed. E2P records ONLY the time the user is actively editing the file, and associates that time to the designated project, until the file is closed.

This process results in accurate application billing, down to the second of actual use.

Our reports show detailed and summarized views of E2P revenue by project, user, group, and application. You can analyze how projects use software, see use in real-time, and measure the profitability of each application. See the Reports tab for examples.