Process Meter

Process Meter
  • Identify true license needs
  • Determine peak usage demand
  • Recognize unused licenses
  • Improve product use rights agreements
  • Optimize software asset management
  • Improve compliance
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  • Create a new revenue stream
  • Requires no application changes
  • Requires no user behavior change
  • Automate data entry
  • Create auditable billing data
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Extending business models via rental and flexible deployment

Cetrus lets service providers bill for actual software use, and enterprises track usage for internal chargeback, simply and with no changes to user’ behavior. They simply use their applications as they did before. Multiple applications and users can be tracked, and the platform provides easy use aggregation for reporting and billing.

Busness models

A Deeper Dive

Process Meter

Cetrus’ Process Meter (PM) tracks real-time desktop software usage. Unlike data discovery solutions which allow users know where a license is installed, and license check-in/check-out tools that inform you when a license has been checked-out or in, Cetrus provides the user near real-time active usage licenses from the same solution.

Process Meter captures data to inform you when an application is actively being used or is idle, regardless of whether the application is on a desktop, or is virtualized. Disconnected laptop usage is also tracked, although not reportable in real time.

PM’s non-invasive active data collection revolutionizes how organizations can identify under-utilized licenses, manage asset inventory, negotiate the most optimal software contracts, plan for informed, confirmed needs, and takes software management to the next level. Additionally Cetrus can measure and ensure license compliance by tracking active sessions, which can then be mapped against contractual entitlements across the

enterprise. Having a single view of data contributes to faster and more nimble data analysis and reporting.

PM is a small, lightweight agent that resides on a user’s workstation – and then simply “listens” for when previously identified applications are launched. Once the application is launched, PM records how long the application is actively used, when it is idle, when activity restarts, and when it is closed. This information is passed to the PM Manager. The Manager resides in the cloud or on a network server, and holds configuration information for multiple agents, and provides temporary usage data.

User organizations have total control over identifying which applications are monitored, control over their own definition of “application idle” (by setting a timeout clock, analogous to hitting pause on a TV remote), and whether the application usage will flow to Cetrus’ patent-pending Expense-2-Project application. PM stores both the aggregated application “busy” time, as well as idle time for reporting.


Service Providers such as project-based engineering or construction firms, legal offices, and systems integrators can actually generate incremental revenue by treating software as a billable asset. Cetrus’ patent-pending Expense-2-Project (E2P) is designed to allow enterprises to apply Process Meter generated usage data (from one or multiple applications) for reimbursement or internal chargeback. E2P applies this data to user-identified projects. The application aggregates hourly usage from one or multiple users and applications to generate a spreadsheet for populating the user’s project accounting or billing software.

Project Managers or users input or validate existing project-identifying data (such as project name, number, phase, office location, etc.) before or at application launch. Further, the user organization sets its own hourly use rate and “idle time” for each application billed. E2P then consolidates project-appropriate usage information for reporting and ensuring auditable billing.

Reports and spreadsheets can be manually generated or scheduled. Usage information is stored in the Cetrus Platform and is accessible via any web-enabled device. E2P includes standard reporting templates and allows users to download data for further analysis.

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