What is Cetrus?

Cetrus Process Meter (CPM) is a desktop application management platform that works to solve software licensing headaches. With it’s Plug-ins, CPM helps companies optimize licensing, contain costs, save money, and generate revenue.

We have two main FAQ sections below. The first is for Cetrus Process Meter (CPM), and the second is for our Independent Software Vendor (ISV) solution.

PM Key Definitions


The person with administrative rights to manage privileges and set configurations.


Real-Time means capturing data as it occurs.


Data is captured on a per-opened-file basis.


The Agent(s) collects and transmits data to the Manager.


Plug-ins are dynamically loaded into the agent, providing additional functionality.


The Manager is an intelligent communication hub between the Cetrus Website and Agent(s).

Active, Inactive, and Timeout

Active – The user is interacting with a monitored application through the mouse or keyboard.

Inactive – The user has stopped using the mouse or keyboard to interact with a monitored application.

Timeout – The user has been Inactive for a configured period of time.

Process Meter

How is Process Meter priced?

Process Meter is licensed on a per named user annual subscription basis.

For a quote, email us at sales@cetrus.com.

Get our 30 day free trial here!

What kind of analytic tools are provided?

Web-based reports, templates, and interactive data visualization are available.

How long does it take to install Process Meter?

Generally speaking, about an hour.

How do I upgrade Process Meter components?

Generally, the component is downloaded and installed.

See support.cetrus.com for more information.

Does Process Meter record key strokes?

No it only detects a key press, it does not record any key information.

Does Process Meter record mouse movement?

No, it only detects mouse movement, it does not record any mouse locations.

What applications can Process Meter monitor?

Process Meter can monitor ANY desktop application.

Can Process Meter monitor a Workstation?

Yes – installing an Agent provides monitoring capability.

Can Process Meter monitor a Server?

Yes – installing an Agent provides monitoring capability.

What data does Process Meter gather?

Process Meter gathers the following data:

  • Application use
  • License use
  • Hardware information
  • Installed software information
What makes Process Meter different?

Process Meter uses an agent to monitor any application, capturing detailed real-time data, regardless if the application is licensed or not.

What is the Process Meter architecture?

See the Architecture information on our Platform page.

Can Process Meter monitor shared applications?


Can Process Meter monitor applications offline?


Can Process Meter monitor virtual desktops?


How many applications can Process Meter monitor?



What Plug-ins are available?
  • Activity Monitor
  • Expense-2-Project (E2P)
  • Software Inventory Reader
  • Hardware Inventory Reader
  • License Manager Agent Plug-in (LMAP)

See our Platform Page for more information.

How much does E2P cost?

E2P (Expense-2-Project) is licensed along with Process Meter on an annual, named user subscription basis.

For a quote on pricing, contact us at sales@cetrus.com.

Get our 30 day free trial here!

What information does the Hardware Inventory provide?

The Hardware Inventory Plug-in provides: how much memory is on the workstation, available disk space, logical disk drive and disk partitions, video card properties, and more.

What does Expense-2-Project do?

See our E2P Page for more information.

What information does the Software Inventory provide?

The Software Inventory Plug-in provides the application vendor name, application title, version, upgrade packs and more.

Questions for IT

What information does Cetrus keep?

Cetrus keeps users basic account information. Please read our privacy statement for more information here.

What operating system versions is Cetrus compatible with?

Cetrus has been designed to operate with the latest Microsoft operating systems, see support.cetrus.com.

Is my data secured on your website?

Yes. Communication between the Manager and the Cetrus Website is encrypted.

Do I need any special ports opened up on my firewall?

The following ports should be open:

Port Purpose
10040 – version 4.0 Manager / Agent communications
10041 – version 4.1 Manager / Agent communications
443 Secure, HTTPS, communication from Manager to web server
5672 Secure communication from web server to Manager

ISV Key Definitions

Software Rental

Software Rental is when a downloaded application has a per-hour rental payment option. Only active application use time is billed.

Cetrus includes an integrated e-commerce application which bills application rental time to a user’s credit card via a rechargeable account.

Pay as you go pricing

You pay only for application time use! Cetrus provides users with the ability to run or rent software on an on-demand or metered basis. Users are charged for the time they actually use the software (time-based metering). Metered rates are typically dollars per-hour.

Independent Software Vendor

Is it difficult switching to a rental model?

No. Cetrus enables the ISV to offer the solution for rental by incorporating an easy to install Software Developer Kit (SDK) in their application. All rental billing is handled by Cetrus.

Why should I add rental as a pricing option?

Renting software gives customers choice, flexibility, and affordability. Renting allows a lower entry cost for customers, lets you target smaller customers, and lets your users more easily manage unexpected or peak usage.  Rental rates are set by the Software Developer, and don’t cannibalize regular sales.

How do users get started renting software?

Users can access rental software by converting a free trial to rental, or by downloading software with the rental option enabled. Downloads can come from your website, the Cetrus Marketplace, or both.

ISV End Users

What happens if I forget my password?

If you are the account holder for an ISV solution, and would like assistance, please contact support@cetrus.com.

If you are a user who has been added to a multi-user account, please contact your account administrator for assistance.

Who do I contact with application-related questions?

Please contact the vendor directly.

You will find vendor links and information under “Available Applications” in your Cetrus Account.

How does my credit card get processed?

Your credit card transaction is processed over a highly secure encrypted connection.

Can a user run multiple rental applications at once?
Companies and individual users can have multiple software applications in their account at any time. Each will be accessible, tracked and launched independently. Contact Cetrus support for more information. (Email: support@cetrus.com)
Can I have more than one user for an application?
Enterprises can put multiple users on an account.  All users within the account are eligible to use the application, and usage will be automatically added to the credit card account . The account administrator is provided with the tools to add and remove users.
What is the difference between an account and an individual user?

To support individuals and small and large companies alike, Cetrus has implemented a two-tier hierarchy for account and login names. Login names are grouped within a “parent” account name. Logging into an application or a Cetrus account requires that the user provide both the Account Name and the Login Name.

By grouping user login names under an account name, corporate staff can manage users efficiently and consistently throughout the entire company. Additionally, users can belong to more than one account, and a company can have multiple accounts to support their internal business and organizational needs. The account/login name combination allows users to have their preferred login name, and if the user is a part of multiple accounts, to maintain the same login name for various different account names.

What happens if a user forgets their password?

Cetrus provides the standard “Forgot Password” feature available at the login screen. In addition, any administrator for an “account” can reset individual user passwords.

How do I save my work?

Applications run on your workstation just like most of your current software applications. Save your data from your application like you do today. Because of this, it is your responsibility to save and protect all of your data. Cetrus is not responsible for any lost or missing data. It is recommended that users save their data on a frequent basis.

How can I print out my work?

Applications run on your workstation just like most of your current software applications. Print directly to your printer just like you would from any application you use today.

Are copies of my credit card receipts available?

A record of all of your credit card receipts is retained and visible in your Cetrus account. Click on the transaction link to view and print these receipts. Each receipt includes a “sticky note” area for users to add information that is saved with the receipt and is included with on the receipt when it is printed for accounting purposes.

Can I add more time when the application warns me that I am about to run out of time?

You can purchase additional metered usage time by simply going to your Cetrus Account and clicking Increase Balance. This link takes you to a page that allows you to increase the remaining balance in your prepaid account.

You can always select an ongoing-metered usage option, which requires that a valid credit card be on file. When your metered usage balance drops below the pre-selected floor, a credit card charge will be automatically executed. The amount charged will be the user-selected amount, or the predetermined minimum.

Will the license servers be up 24/7?

Yes. Users will be notified of scheduled maintenance in advance of the planned downtime. In the unforeseen event that the servers go down, Cetrus will make all efforts to restore availability as soon as possible.

How should I logoff from an application?

The best way to log-off your on-demand application is to use the application’s file > exit command. Each application could be unique and require you to use its own menu-based exit commands.

How many other employees can I setup for using the application?

The designated account administrator can add as many users within their account as they desire. Access to the metered usage application is limited to those users that have had a user profile created for them by their account administrator.

Can other users make changes to any other accounts?

Only users with assigned Account Administrator privileges can make changes to other user profiles. Cetrus Users have one of 2 roles:

  • Application User: Allowed to use only those applications assigned to them. They can view their personal usage reports. Their user profile is created for them by the account administrator.
  • Account Administrator: Allowed to add, change and update users, use all applications assigned to them, assign applications to user, and view all usage for all users. Plus credit card viewing and edit privileges.
Can I pause the application?

Yes, you can manually pause the application. All applications also have an inactivity or idle timer that launches after an adjustable set time. The default is 30 minutes but can be adjusted to as long as 1 hour.