The Platform

The Cetrus Platform uniquely enables enterprises, application resellers and desktop software developers to easily monitor and report application activity and create business value by enriching use data with real-time value-add business processes.

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Cetrus Process Meter (PM) monitors in real-time who, what, where, when and how applications are being used. PM’s desktop Agent/Plugin, 3-tier architecture allows monitoring desktop application use independent of application license delivery. Agents capture granular application use information. Plugins extend Agent functionality. Soon to be released Server-based Agents and Plugins enable real-time log file reading and reporting.

Agents send use data to Managers, which batch the information to the Cetrus website for aggregation, reporting and analysis.

The architecture provides maximum enterprise installation flexibility, and ease of installation and administration. Each component is independently upgradable, reducing the need for maintenance and ensuring a more stable environment. The Agent/Plugin combination allows for future use data collection for browser-based applications, cloud API’s or token-based licensing.

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Value-add Extensions

Autodesk: Upcoming Autodesk-specific enhancements will allow Administrators to report license activity and use including: Suite, Version, Year, License type, Plugin, License server, etc.

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Hardware and Software Inventory: Small and Medium-sized enterprises can cost-effectively view workstation and Server hardware and software inventory information

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Expense-2-Project for Application Use Reimbursement: Service providers and Enterprises can shift application license, subscription and support costs from an office overhead expense to billable revenue. Expense-2-Project associates individual application window sessions to projects, and reports off-line as well as use of shared applications/workstations and batch programs for reimbursement.

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Application Resellers / Managed Service Providers

Application Resellers can resell Process Meter as a stand-alone solution for customers wanting to better monitor their license use. In addition, Process Meter’s hosted multi-tenant architecture lets Resellers and Managed Service Providers cost-effectively create new or extend existing service offerings, including:

  • Remote use analysis for trending and license optimization and planning
  • Remote help desk and application trouble shooting
  • Compliance analysis (unused or rogue installations) and prove no-use of previously uninstalled licenses
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Software Developers

Software Developers

Desktop software developers are experiencing increased pressure from SaaS solutions for creative licensing and payment options. Once desktop software is downloaded, application use is difficult to monitor. Providing flexible licensing and payment options can require multiple expensive and independent solutions. Cetrus’ Application Meter simply and securely extends the ISV’s desktop application, allowing developers to monitor and monetize use from download to end of life through one integrated platform.

Revenue Manager, an integrated ecommerce platform securely processes credit card transactions for application rental, subscription, or purchase. Developers can offer and manage multiple applications, licensing options and payment types, and monitor end-customer use from the same console. Session tracking (married with entitlement information) helps ensure compliance and prevents license misuse.

Providers can enable Cetrus’ Expense-2-Project capability inside their applications to help project-based users recoup application costs use.

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Shared Services

Shared Services

The Platform’s core services are shared by Enterprises, Application Resellers/Managed Service Providers and Software Developers. Use data is centrally aggregated in a multi-tenant database. An integrated Business Intelligence/Analytics engine supports simple reporting, sophisticated data analysis, use comparison and dashboard visualization via pre-built templates to enable immediate ROI.

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Harnessing and leveraging value

1 Data Generation

The Cetrus Platform generates granular use data and attribute data for application sessions. Process Meter Agents, installed on all monitored workstations “listen” for when users launch identified applications session, license and user attribute information is gathered for comprehensive reporting and analysis. Some compliance tools incorrectly report previously de-installed licenses. Reporting lack of use can help prove compliance as well as identify “forgotten” licenses. Agents also track time from last activity in a window to report applications are Inactive/Idle or have Timed Out.

Software developers simply embed Application Meter in their applications to identify when, how often and for how long applications are used. Similar to Process Meter, Application Meter records session state changes, as well as providing Tokens to allow variable pricing within the application.

2 Real-Time

Data becomes more valuable as context is added. The Cetrus Platform reports in real-time when an applications and windows are launched. Contextual data is added through Plugins or external business processes. Attribute data sources include PC Registries, license server logs, administrator created groups or application specific settings.

3 Enabling Business Processes

Enterprises and service providers can use pre-built templates to quickly and easily analyze typical use case scenarios. Use reports can be scheduled and sent to specific users. Cetrus Expense-2-Project includes standard use reports to populate invoicing or billing applications. Service Providers have visibility into customer use for peak reporting, can create group comparisons for training effectiveness or remotely run PC registry scans software and hardware inventory for faster support call resolution.

Software developers benefit from the ability to monitor the software life cycle. Developers can use download activity data to determine propensity to buy. The Platform also includes an integrated and secure e-commerce solution eliminating the need for developers to incorporate separate and less secure solutions for credit card billing.

4 Reporting and Analysis

Integrated Business Intelligence/Analytics engine provides sophisticated analysis. The Platform provides reporting and business intelligence capabilities through an integrated business analysis engine. The engine supports static reporting, flexible analytic templates and interactive dashboards from the same powerful user interface. Data and reports are exportable in in CSV, PDF and HTML5 formats format for external consumption. All use data is accessible through REST API’s.

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