CPM Architecture

The Cetrus Process Meter (CPM) architecture captures data at the precise moment of use. CPM consists of 4 layers, each carefully designed with our customers in mind.

Process Meter Architecture graphic

CPM Architecture
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1. Cetrus Website

The Cetrus Website is a web application for administration, configuration, and data storage.

The Website Contains:
  • User Interface
  • Reports
  • Web service
  • Data base

2. Manager

The Manager is an intelligent communication hub between the Cetrus Website and Agent(s).

The Manager typically is installed on a server class machine.

The Manager Utilizes:
  • TCP/IP connection
  • REST connection
  • Data base

3. Agents

The Agent(s) acts on the behalf of the user. It collects and transmits data to the Manager.

The Agent typically is installed on workstations, laptops, and other workstation class machines.

The Agent Utilizes:
  • TCP/IP connection
  • Plug-in architecture

4. Plug-ins

Plug-ins access different system resources depending upon the Plug-in:

  • Device driver
  • Registry
  • WMI queries

See our Plug-in list below.

Our Plug-ins:

LMAP (License Manager Agent Plug-in): LMAP reports license use information from License Servers.

Expense-2-Project (E2P): E2P associates application use to projects for billing. To learn more check out our E2P tab.

Hardware Inventory Reader: Hardware Inventory scans the computer hardware.

Software Inventory Reader: Software Inventory collects information about the installed software.