Cetrus Process Meter Platform

Eliminate your Software Headaches

Cetrus Process Meter (CPM) is a real-time application management platform. It provides desktop Agents that can monitor any windows-based application, independent of the licensing mechanism, for complete and detailed data.

Our Plug-ins provide functionality and work together to help you optimize your licenses, save money, contain costs, and increase profits.

Our Key Plug-ins

Application REStrictor (ARES)

Coming Soon: Contain software costs by restricting license use


  • Eliminate unexpected costs
  • Control license use
  • Understand your needs
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Activity Monitor

Real-time application monitoring at the file level


  • Reduce license costs
  • Identify licensing needs
  • Compare application use and users
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Expense-2-Project (E2P)

Associate application use to projects for billing and analysis


  • Recoup licensing costs
  • Justify new license purchases
  • Reduce overhead
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Plug-ins Included in All Subscriptions

Software and Hardware Inventory Readers

Collects software and hardware information


  • Know what software you own
  • Improve software compliance

License Manager Agent
Plug-in (LMAP)

Reports license use information from License Servers


  • Know when licenses are in use and how often
  • See what licenses are going unused

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