Process Meter

Real-Time Data: Insight into Your Application Needs

We can monitor ANY application!

Your Needs

Software licensing is one of the largest growing expenses for many Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) firms.

Now analysis of licensing needs is more difficult and complex because application vendors are rapidly changing their licensing models.

– Companies Need –

  • To know their application use
  • An efficient way to optimize business processes
  • The ability to make data comparisons
  • Reports with accurate data
  • Visualization for analysis and decision making
  • A single source of data

Our Solution

Cetrus Process Meter (PM) monitors Windows desktop applications, in real-time, to help reduce spending on licenses and optimize software use.

– Process Meter Value –

  • Visualize application and licensing needs
  • Lower application and licensing costs
  • Perform in-depth, detailed analysis with analytic tools
  • See real-time, detailed data
  • Web-based reporting
  • Improve future license and resource planning
  • Reduce costs of performing Hardware and Software inventories

Check out this short animated video that explains PM,
and how it can help your company.