Process Meter

Monitor Application Use in Real-Time

Software licensing is one of the largest and most rapidly growing per-employee expenditures for many Architecture, Engineering and Construction firms. Specialty desktop application vendors are rapidly changing their licensing and deployment models – making use reporting difficult and complex. Cetrus’ Process Meter (PM) monitors real-time desktop application executables, windows and other use indicators to help enterprises reduce license spend, and optimize software use across their application portfolios.

Data discovery and asset management solutions let administrators know where a license is installed and when it was last used. Metered license solutions prevent license over-use but don’t identify if licenses are actively being used. Neither solution type can report true peak active, inactive or timed out or compare use across multiple license deployment types, including standalone, metered license, or cloud-deployed.

PM Agents monitor application use at the desktop, capturing both actual use as well critical user attribute data, such as who the user is on a shared workstation. In addition, Agents calculate and report when applications become Inactive/Idle and Time Out after configurable periods of inactivity.

Detail and summary reporting for users/workgroups, applications, etc. let enterprises finally get an organization-wide view of application use. Enterprises can look at license concurrency, as well as rank and compare users or groups by application use frequency, duration, which user/group uses what applications or other data attributes.

PM consists of three components: Agents/Plugins, Managers and the Cetrus Website:

  • The lightweight Agent resides on all monitored workstations and servers. Agents “listen” for when pre-identified applications or windows launch, and then report the actual and calculated session state changes and times. Plugins installed on Agents provide discrete functionality, such as the ability to associate application use to projects with Expense-2-Project, or provide hardware and software inventory information.
  • Managers perform several functions: They hold Agent configuration files, consolidate use information from multiple Agents to the Cetrus website, and store the latest Plugins for deployment/recovery. Enterprises can install one or more Managers to map to their network or license server topology.
  • The Cetrus website is a multi-tenant SaaS application and provides data aggregation, historical and real-time analytics/reporting and administrative services.
PM report
Process Meter session details (click to enlarge)

Administrators have complete control over application, user and group administration.

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