Data Visualization

Your Process Meter Account is a web-based application that provides visualization
into your data through reports and templates.

There are 2 Sections below: Process Meter and Inventory.
We are in the process of upgrading our reports and will have new examples up soon!

Process Meter Reports

Concurrent Use Report

Concurrency shows the number of application instances and their session states at one minute intervals.
It identifies both peak use and potential over-licensing due to checked out but unused licenses.

Concurrent Use example

Concurrent Use (click to enlarge)

In the example above:

  • Green bars – Active time, when a person is actively using a license.
  • Yellow bars – Inactive time, when the application is open on their desktop, but is not actively being used.
  • Orange bars – Timeout, when the person has not used the application in a configurable time.

Session Summary

The Session Summary report provides visibility to individual sessions.
Filters include session ID, User Name, Application Name, and Computer name to help identify sessions for process reporting.

Session Summary example

Session Summary (click to enlarge)

Session Detail

The Session Detail report shows session state change activity for individual sessions. Attribute filters allow rapid access to individual sessions.

Session Detail (click to enlarge)


Application Ranking reports users by the number of sessions in a specific time period.
Ranking allows easy grouping of different licensing levels.

Application Use Ranking (click to enlarge)

Application Use Ranking (click to enlarge)

Inventory Reports

Software Inventory by Application

This report lists software by application or application component and the number of installations (count) within the enterprise.
Drop-down fields allow rapid filtering by Vendor, Application, Version, or identifying number.

Software Count by Application Example

Software Count by Application (click to enlarge)

Software Inventory by Desktop

This report shows the software installed on each workstation.

Machine Software Inventory example

Desktop Software Inventory (click to enlarge)

Hardware Inventory

The Hardware Inventory report shows hardware installed on each workstation.

Hardware Inventory example

Hardware Inventory (click to enlarge)